Tackling Post Pregnancy Skin Issues and the Use of Bio Oil

The true essence of a woman is giving birth and we all know that pregnancy can do many things to your bodies. By many, includes scars and stretch marks. These “battle scars”, as termed today, may be wonderful in some ways. But in another note, it could also cause insecurities and low self-esteem among women.

Though advanced scar removing treatments are available, not everyone can afford it. Even if they did, it would be costly and risky as well. Not to mention expensive creams and serums that supposedly removes unwanted marks, but does not deliver. However, an effective scar removing product will help solve all that.

Bio-oil’s Beginnings


“The history of the creation of the product is fascinating. Bio-Oil was a tissue oil that operated in a category where 95 percent of its competitors were creams,” says Bio-oil creator.

Creams are a mixture of water and oil. But the oxidizing effect in water prevents the efficacy of additives such as vitamin E and botanical very significantly. So adding more additives enhances efficacy of creams. Oil has no oxygen, and can improve the effects of these essential ingredients. Incorporating the scientific breakthrough on reduced viscosity, a non-greasy oil product resulted and was named Bio-oil.

A Success Story

Julia Bradbury, an old mother of one who has been using Bio-oil for six years now, tells her story after giving birth. She was not too concerned of her belly marks, but having enlarged breasts gave her a shock. Her battle marks on her tummy is diminishing and she is positive that her breast marks will too. Bio-oil has kept her olive toned skin supple and radiantly young looking even at 40.

Every scar tells a different story. Whatever the cause maybe, it is not nice to keep a scar forever. Good things an affordable solution to scars have been discovered. Bio-oil can be bought from online stores. There are even websites that offer bio oil coupon code for first time and longtime customers use.

To know more about the wonders of Bio Oil, watch this video:



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